Thursday, April 18, 2013

TRESemmé - My Panacea to Ramp Ready Hair, What's yours?

hey you often you crave for a ramp ready hair , can you count it? 3,4,...100 naah!

If you ask me.. everyday I want to have shiny , manageable , ready to go hair. I wish to receive compliments everyday, even on the bad hair day too.
By the way I have thick, dense, voluminous hair , very difficult to manage after shampoo. I have only 2 option (1. straight hair  2. wet look ) of  hairstyle to do on all occasion.
Come'on who doesn't wanna get noticed on this earth..(trust me I do).

Till now my struggle was like this :

My problem came to an end  with TRESemmé , now no need of repeating any of the above shown procedures.
Tresemme Shampoo & Conditioner

 and believe me it works wonders. You got to do only shampoo and conditioner like you do normally , and my hair are manageable and good/smooth for styling without causing damage to my mane.

TRESemmé is going to be high on my buy list.

 I did try all the hairstyles shown in  TRESemmé India Youtube channel.

But this one is my original innovation ;)

 French braid bun
French braid bun- Tresemme Hairstyle

To check  more hairstyle , check TRESemmé India Youtube channel.

Submitted as an entry for the Indiblogger "TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair" contest.

Disclaimer: opinion expressed above are purely mine. This is not a paid review.
Photo courtesy : Google



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