Saturday, December 3, 2011

LOVE, but in phases

Two Hearts one tale, but how was the journey so far?
Are they the same 2 hearts who have fallen for each other ?how interesting the tale is going to be totally depends on the performance of the 2 hearts on the set of ‘life’.

Story of love or say the way to love changes with the age group.
Teenage love – when you are sitting in class room and suddenly got awestruck with the enchanting face of the damsel while entering into the class, at that moment only the love story starts growing up. You approach the girl, share the notes, do the homework. And talk more about the colors, TV serials, movies. In fact you get married in dreams, have kids and a perfect life .They do all the beautiful things, which are childish from the perspective of a 30 year old person. Schools get changed, both moves to different cities and the story vanishes over there.

20-24 yrs – this counts into more of a college love. You know what kind of partner you want, you count them also in your standard or say a show piece to count on. 2 hearts love each other so much that they can’t live without them. But can’t get married because it’s always the family who is non-understanding, it’s the social status, caste and off course the salary of the guy, who has just picked up a job. He can’t think of settling down. Again the stories moves on

Post 25: well if you call this age to fall into love, then I don’t agree to it. At this age man is more judgmental, sensible and blah blah blah what not. You fall for someone only after getting your check box marked. And if you don’t own a check box, then he/she must be fulfilling your minimum standards at least. The love you say u have fallen into is not pure. Its just the good company you are looking at this age. You want someone to be there for you the moment you are out of office. Someone to accompany you on lunch and dinners, desires will never end. Or there could be chance that you are looking out for a replacement of your ex.
If everything gets fulfilled and the family terms are matched then you decide to marry your beautiful heart. If not, then you have parents support that will defiantly lands you getting married.

If you look at the teenage love, for me that was the actual love u had. That was so pure that you can still recall his/her name. u can still thinks of the face. Rest all is the compromises which you are doing just for your own happiness. That’s it…
Its difficult to find a tale which has started from 2 hearts and ends also on those 2 hearts.

Keep loving


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