Saturday, August 29, 2009


"What to expect and what not "....

This the question which keeps on arising, whenever i feel low. Though people say that one should not expect anything from anyone, but still these expectations comes in between.

It is easy to say that you should not expect but is that so easy to follow? well i don't think so. when a pet dog can expect affection from his master, then why can't a human ?

But I feel the less you expect the more you will be merrier, cos what if your expectations didnt turn? what if they dont get fulfilled...then your every thing will be trashed out.

so better not to expect anything from anyone, better one should be self composed. better one should start finding happiness in the lil things which are lying jus next to him/her.

But I know all this may sound philoshopical where i am stating that one should not expect, but what about the person who is suggesting these things, Is she/he is seriously following these?...answer comes a big NO. Why this has come. because its in the human nature to expects thats why he is known to be a social much a person can deny but still expectations are there which keeps on creeping..which is normal for every normal person. So Is there any harm in expecting ??? i don't think so. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

....I wish...

Everyday I think about U
I dream about U
keep on wishing that
Oh God!! I wish U
U were here, here with me.

with me all the times
i wish it could happen some time.

No matter how far you are
No matter what may you think.
Its the feeling that keeps on sinking
which makes me all the time thinking.

I wish U were here,
here with me................


Why things are so confusing
Why they didn't work out
Why we miss people
Who are so close and near by.

Why do some hate U
why do some love U
there must be some reason
thats the chapters of life's lesson.

Why your Luck is Not favour
Which may help you to fulfil endeavour
Why do we got this word "WHY"
I still don't understand why
Answers to why must be a why
BUT that too comes with a ??WHY


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