Friday, September 14, 2012

Lazy Bug

when I started this blog (long back), i thought this would be a medium by which I will be able to put my thoughts in front of the people   can express them better here.

seems like i am infected with lazy bug now a days.I have started saying saying "No" to all the question asked to me by my friends. More over i have started putting Bahana.... I just dont want to come out of my comfort zone. I am  simply enjoying this phase of mine. But I feel its the high time I should start visiting Doc (conscience) of mine in order to bring out best of me.

I thought i will be more frequent with my posts. I will post once in a month. :). Though I tried to do that, but this busy schedule, parties, reunions blahh blah.......... kept me away from blogging.
  I just had a look at the dead blog of mine and got shocked that its been really long since i have posted.
so here's a call out  at the blogging world.."hello, I m alive".

Meanwhile  enjoy these quotes 


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