Saturday, December 3, 2011

LOVE, but in phases

Two Hearts one tale, but how was the journey so far?
Are they the same 2 hearts who have fallen for each other ?how interesting the tale is going to be totally depends on the performance of the 2 hearts on the set of ‘life’.

Story of love or say the way to love changes with the age group.
Teenage love – when you are sitting in class room and suddenly got awestruck with the enchanting face of the damsel while entering into the class, at that moment only the love story starts growing up. You approach the girl, share the notes, do the homework. And talk more about the colors, TV serials, movies. In fact you get married in dreams, have kids and a perfect life .They do all the beautiful things, which are childish from the perspective of a 30 year old person. Schools get changed, both moves to different cities and the story vanishes over there.

20-24 yrs – this counts into more of a college love. You know what kind of partner you want, you count them also in your standard or say a show piece to count on. 2 hearts love each other so much that they can’t live without them. But can’t get married because it’s always the family who is non-understanding, it’s the social status, caste and off course the salary of the guy, who has just picked up a job. He can’t think of settling down. Again the stories moves on

Post 25: well if you call this age to fall into love, then I don’t agree to it. At this age man is more judgmental, sensible and blah blah blah what not. You fall for someone only after getting your check box marked. And if you don’t own a check box, then he/she must be fulfilling your minimum standards at least. The love you say u have fallen into is not pure. Its just the good company you are looking at this age. You want someone to be there for you the moment you are out of office. Someone to accompany you on lunch and dinners, desires will never end. Or there could be chance that you are looking out for a replacement of your ex.
If everything gets fulfilled and the family terms are matched then you decide to marry your beautiful heart. If not, then you have parents support that will defiantly lands you getting married.

If you look at the teenage love, for me that was the actual love u had. That was so pure that you can still recall his/her name. u can still thinks of the face. Rest all is the compromises which you are doing just for your own happiness. That’s it…
Its difficult to find a tale which has started from 2 hearts and ends also on those 2 hearts.

Keep loving

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Twitter..tweet tweet .. can u hear it

Along with Facebook I also saw a blue lil cute birdie flying by on the social networking site called as ‘Twitter’ and keeps on saying ‘tweet , tweet’.

Whenever a new thing comes in the market , we rush towards that and create an account, that’s what I did long back. Made some followers and followed also. But never knew wots this twitter is all about (sounds crazy!!).

I got so indulged in facebook that never got time to look at my lil birdie( Ah poor u). but loads of people are on twitter. While sitting in the office my boss normally asked me ,”Annu , what do u do on twitter?”. I was blank, though I own a account there but I was speechless. That triggered me to find out more about twitter.
Twitter is microblogging and social networking site. Microblogging cos it provides u 140 character to write /share your thoughts. And social networking because it keeps you updated about whom you are following and let others know about your status.

So how to use it.

1. First of all follow the people who suits your interest. And let others also follow you.
2. Use @ and write the name of the person whom you wanna notify. This is a public message which will be visible to others also , so think and then write.
3. Twitter has got a message tab also , in case you want to send private message to any of your followers.
4. Use #(hash tag) in case you want to post your comment to a topic (# are used for notifying a topic/group).
5. It helps in branding yourself. So be careful about what u post!!

Simple isn’t? ^_^

How does it promote your business.

1. Make a set of followers who you think can be your buyers or a person relevant to your business.
2. Just don’t keep on posting blatantly . no body likes it. Make sure it should make sense to other person.
3. Try to engage the person who is asking you about your tweet in short revert on time!! Make sense..
4. Try to create a topic or post in relevant topic.
5. You can upload images /videos also on twitter.
6. Share information or ask questions, make it interactive.

I am sure all this will be a little help for the beginners..but small means something when you have nothing in front of you.

So let your lil cute blue birdie fly on twitter and do TWEET !! TWEET!!...

Trip To Agra....

One Great fact about residing in Delhi is that you can move out to the nearer holiday spot when you have got vacation of 2 days..So this time i hit to Agra- To see Taj Mahal. Though City is quite hot and not that organized but beauty lies in the eyes of beholders, so landed up in Agra. thought of sharing some photographs with you people.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wah Taj !!

What do you do when you have got 2 days vacation lined up in front of you...when you stay in delhi..when you have amazing friends to move out with...i go out to the nearby places (not my fault..just to avoid my mood swing)

Yess was Rakshabandhan's holiday and a sunday in fornt of wot to do me. I cant spend entire 2 days simply lying in my room, that too when you have awesome weather in front you.
I called my friend and asked him about his plan, and then it was decided at 12 midnight that at 4:30 a.m we will leave for Agra to see the Taj Mahal.which i have seen when i was in class 1st , dont even remember how it was!!.

So here we are at Agra..and by gods grace it was raining!! Amazing..Awesome..fabulous..i will just die of the adjectives.Gosh!!

The white marble building built to fantastically which you cant even imagine in the recent times. looking at that i regret the fact that i am born in this era.

Agra was as usual fantastic because of its monument and not to forget the TAj Mahal..just make sure whenever you plan to visit, make it in the monsoon season or in winter, and you very strongly keeps a taste for the Historic buildings..

Friday, August 26, 2011

Do Cup Chai


जीवन में जब सब कुछ एक साथ और जल्दी - जल्दी करने की इच्छा होती है , सब कुछ तेजी से पा लेने की इच्छा होती है , और हमें लगने लगता है कि दिन के चौबीस घंटे भी कम
पड़ते हैं , उस समय ये बोध कथा , " काँच की बरनी और दो कप चाय " हमें याद आती है ।

दर्शनशास्त्र के एक प्रोफ़ेसर कक्षा में आये और उन्होंने छात्रों से कहा कि वे आज जीवन का एक महत्वपूर्ण पाठ पढाने वाले हैं .

उन्होंने अपने साथ लाई एक काँच की बडी़ बरनी ( जार ) टेबल पर रखा और उसमें टेबल टेनिस की गेंदें डालने लगे और तब तक डालते रहे जब तक कि उसमें एक भी गेंद समाने
की जगह नहीं बची ... उन्होंने छात्रों से पूछा - क्या बरनी पूरी भर गई ? हाँ .
आवाज आई ... फ़िर प्रोफ़ेसर साहब ने छोटे - छोटे कंकर उसमें भरने शुरु किये धीरे
- धीरे बरनी को हिलाया तो काफ़ी सारे कंकर उसमें जहाँ जगह खाली थी , समा गये , फ़िर से प्रोफ़ेसर साहब ने पूछा , क्या अब बरनी भर गई है , छात्रों ने एक बार फ़िर हाँ
... कहा अब प्रोफ़ेसर साहब ने रेत की थैली से हौले - हौले उस बरनी में रेत डालना शुरु किया , वह रेत भी उस जार में जहाँ संभव था बैठ गई , अब छात्र अपनी नादानी पर
हँसे ... फ़िर प्रोफ़ेसर साहब ने पूछा , क्यों अब तो यह बरनी पूरी भर गई ना ? हाँ
.. अब तो पूरी भर गई है .. सभी ने एक स्वर में कहा .. सर ने टेबल के नीचे से चाय के दो कप निकालकर उसमें की चाय जार में डाली , चाय भी रेत के बीच स्थित
थोडी़ सी जगह में सोख ली गई .

प्रोफ़ेसर साहब ने गंभीर आवाज में समझाना शुरु किया –

इस काँच की बरनी को तुम लोग अपना जीवन समझो ..

टेबल टेनिस की गेंदें सबसे महत्वपूर्ण भाग अर्थात भगवान , परिवार , बच्चे , मित्र , स्वास्थ्य और शौक हैं , छोटे कंकर मतलब तुम्हारी नौकरी , कार , बडा़ मकान आदि हैं , और
रेत का मतलब और भी छोटी - छोटी बेकार सी बातें , मनमुटाव , झगडे़ है .. अब यदि तुमने काँच की बरनी में सबसे पहले रेत भरी होती तो टेबल टेनिस की गेंदों और कंकरों के लिये जगह ही नहीं बचती , या कंकर भर दिये होते तो गेंदें नहीं भर पाते , रेत जरूर आ सकती थी ... ठीक यही बात जीवन पर लागू होती है ... यदि तुम छोटी - छोटी बातों के पीछे
पडे़ रहोगे और अपनी ऊर्जा उसमें नष्ट करोगे तो तुम्हारे पास मुख्य बातों के लिये अधिक समय नहीं रहेगा ... मन के सुख के लिये क्या जरूरी है ये तुम्हें तय करना है । अपने बच्चों के साथ खेलो , बगीचे में पानी डालो , सुबह पत्नी के साथ घूमने निकल जाओ , घर के बेकार सामान को बाहर निकाल फ़ेंको , मेडिकल चेक - अप करवाओ ... टेबल टेनिस गेंदों की फ़िक्र पहले करो , वही महत्वपूर्ण है ... पहले तय करो कि क्या जरूरी है
... बाकी सब तो रेत है .
छात्र बडे़ ध्यान से सुन रहे थे .. अचानक एक ने पूछा , सर लेकिन आपने यह नहीं बताया कि " चाय के दो कप " क्या हैं ? प्रोफ़ेसर मुस्कुराये , बोले .. मैं सोच ही रहा था कि अभी तक ये सवाल किसी ने क्यों नहीं किया .
इसका उत्तर यह है कि , जीवन हमें कितना ही परिपूर्ण और संतुष्ट लगे , लेकिन अपने खास मित्र के साथ दो कप चाय पीने की जगह हमेशा होनी चाहिये ।
Source: Bodh Katha

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Noida Extension Buyers Vie.

“Noida Extension”, to which around 30,000 people were looking into is now seems to be in dump. Because of its affordable houses, it was among the priority list of the investor s as well as buyers. A normal middle class family who have put up their hard earned money is now waiting for the supreme court’s verdict.

Noida Extension came up into the news with lots of new projects launches, there are more than 63 projects coming up in that area of some reputed builders and some new builders whom one has never seen. Though people have the apprehension about the upcoming builders of that region regarding project delivery whether they will be able to deliver the project or not and there’s one more possibility that they simply collect the money from the builder and run away with every thing.

NOIDA Extension has always been into a dicey situation. It is connected with NOIDA, Gr. NOIDA, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, delhi. So it was considered to be the best deal for the buyer. But no one has the clear picture about the land clearance. And the brokers whom you always find sitting out side the site or the builders office will always say ‘yes’ for everything.

You ask them “is the land clear? ”.

They will say “yes sir, it has got all the clearance”

You ask them “will I get all the ultra luxury here?”

They will say “ yes sir, off course you will.”

Brokers just have the one thing clear in their mind that they all they need to do is simple S A L E. they never considered the clients sentiments nor do they know about the business ethics.

And in all this hush hush NOIDA extension was sold!!.

With the news of Bhatta Parsol farmers compensation, the land allotted to noida extension and Yamuna authority came into the picture.the buyers raised their question about the land approval from the governments side. the farmers of extension also raised their voice againt the compensation. And the shahberi village people were the first among here. Builders got affected were amrapali, mahagun and supertech in the first. Farmers approach towards Authority have led the scrapping of projects. Farmers are demanding for new compensation according to them 589.13 hectares of land was acquired in 2008, and the compensation was paid at Rs.850 per sqm to 6,000 families and out of which 215 families are refusing for the compensation. Authority have sold this to builders at Rs.10000-12000 per sqm. Which now makes the farmer to look out for the more compensation from the authority side. Authority says that it want the compensation back from the farmers and land will be returned to them. And farmers says that if they need to return the compensation then they want the land to back in the same condition as they handed it to the authority 3 years back with the loss of crops too.

So the poor farmers seems to be in win –win situation, they already got their compensation which they have spend, can get their farmlands back.

Builders are keeping mum they are not in a position to comment on anything, where the reputed builders are offering to shift the buyers into their other projects, but what about others, the new comers who don’t have enough monetary background and who just entered with their first projects into real estate seems to be helpless. Acc. To authority norms builder has to pay back the entire amount in the 8 years. And most of them have got the maximum amount from the client’s side so they don’t seems to be in that much of trouble.

Who is the sufferer in the over all picture?


Buyers who have spent their time in searching for a project and making up their mind to put up their money in NOIDA Extension seems to be the sufferer here, they have lost their money, their time what not and with all this happening their dream to own a sweet home seems to be shattered. And on top of that they are paying EMI’s also to the bank, they are being charged of interest for taking a loan for a house which they can’t own.

All in all it’s a total loss for buyer, but we are still keeping our hopes high and waiting for the supreme court’s verdict in this regards.
This a time to connect with all the noida extension buyers , to help each other out so that we can fight against this vie.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gen Y- Chhavi Rajawat

I have been hearing and reading about the generation X during my school days time. The moment i joined my college a new letter came in "Y", at that time it was quite difficult for me to relate X n Y..because the X n Y i know at that time was just the chromosome X and chromosome Y . Credit goes to my favourite subject genetics.

During my MBA days, i got the broad horizon to see.. that was the time when actually this saying about the caterpillar and the butterfly goes true.

recently i came across this article on facebook about a denim clad sarpanch , which made me to click the link....for which m quite happy now ,cos i got to know about a diva


then i got to know about this intelligent lady Chhavi Rajawat, the young sarpanch of village, a lady who belongs to generation Y and is marking her presence in India as well as UN.

An MBA student went back to her roots, her village to which she
belongs to . To solve the problems of her village, to utilize her learnings .

this lady also comes from the army background and stood in the elections and came out as village sarpanch . she is the youth icon of generation Y.

the new generation which is so busy with the freaking parties, with boozing and into themselves only, should take inspiration from these kinds of people.

BUt the gen Y is so high on ego and attitude, why would they consider an icon....all they need to do is, just observe the surroundings and mark the difference, feel the
change and do it..

Check out my profile!

Cascade: Perception

Cascade: Perception: "Perception. ?? ...ya ya ..people do often say ' u know what i feel'..'actually I thought'... what you make out of a thing comes out to be ur..."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life is all about ....??

2 feb 2011,

when i was a kid , my parents told me to be happy that will make my life happy.
when i got an assignment in the school day's. My teacher asked me to write "what will you to do make your life happy". i wrote"feel happy" and she marked me wrong, by saying"you dint understand the question dear." quite shocked she was.

my reply was "sorry, Ma'am, i think you didn't understand the meaning of happiness yet".

the answer which i gave, long time back. now seems to be questionable to me.

Day by day we are growing, moving ahead in life, achieving the luxuries of life(god knows how many succeed nut still struggling hard to win the race of life), every body is jumping into this rat race and wants to wins this stupid race. but god knows how many feels happy in this duration.

people have got so busy in their life, and got focus towards other means of happiness,....and slowly slowly forgetting about their inner happiness.

dude!! this way its not gonna work...never..u got to be happy, feel the within happiness, start enjoying the things you have got, be happy with what you have or what you are...

but who listens to these words??? no one.. every one is busy..busy within themselves. busy in attaining the things which they think will make them happy, but they should understand that they cant be happy after that also.

day will pass, so does the years...
and this human species will be just busy in beating around the bush rather thinking about the rational truth.

i myself don't know, how many times i go through this thought, or give a thought to be "happy".. at least feel happy.

I wrote it down, cos it just raised in my mind. As i will post it , it will get publish. and the no. of times i am going to view this post at least i will get THE ANSWER to the question "how to be happy, and LIFE IS ALL ABOUT ???......



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