Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Career Or Stand ?

Hey All,

Sharing with you  one quotation, which I found on facebook today (source : unknown), felt like sharing with all private sector employees.
For All Pvt. sector employees

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Park – The whimsical World!!

Day 4

I got into Park, thinking that I will find more health conscious people here. I don’t know why wots wrong with the world, that most of the times my views turned out wrong. I can divide the whole lot into categories:

Dog –Lovers:  you will be surprised to see people taking their dog to park to poop, may be!  Pet run ahead of them as if they have been coach to their masters.

Brand Queen: Hot and sexy Girls top to bottom wearing Puma, Addidas gym gear including headband, wristband etc. Now the question is are they really coming to park to reduce or to get fit or to simply show off to the Park-Romeos.

Saas-Bahu Serials:  2-3 ladies gang, slowly walking together bitching about some TV actress/serials, or of their own bahu or saas. They are the worst, because they just block the track!! Go away ladies, I beg you.

Old age: Old minds together discussing about politics and they keep on arguing till it gets dark. In short, “no conclusion talks”.

 Health Freak:  Yay!! I fall into this ;). They will just compete with you silently, trying to finish before you. One more symptom of them is, they are visible in park only for 5 days, till the JOSH is high.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Clear Focus - Day 3

Saturday , I know its weekend but  for me it is the busiest day  of my week. I have to wrap up lots of stuff , so that I can keep my Sunday free to relax, and meet my friends. One has to devote time to her personal as well as social life too. What may busy the sat-night  gonna be , I will be sticking to my regime. Aim for today was  “Clear Focus”, then only I can bang on Target.

I choose park for my 30 mins walk, to see more out of shape creature like me.
Enough!!! Dreaming girl …… get Ur a$$ moving.

Next post is going to be on Park – The whimsical world.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Develop weapon "NO"

 Day -2,

Its implementation time today. One thing is sure that u have to control your urge. You got to develop a power to say "NO"  to things which you loved most. In my case I should better break up my sweet tooth. I simply couldn't resist them but I reduced my portion , in spite of  having 1 full scoop of ice cream I just tasted it.

I had my normal food, included oats in breakfast. Counting on extras, I had 1.5  bread pakora, 2 pieces of sweet. To remove these extras out of my life I should better start on developing a weapon named "NO".

Coming to exercise : I walked for 30 mins in park, 8 suryanamskar, leg raise ( 15x3).

I think it should be enough to burn today's gained calories.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Weight loss Diary

    Guilt Zone - Day 1

I have been always dreaming of lean figure, sexy shoulders through out my life , so that I can carry  sleeveless tops, vests in summers. I joined gym , swimming, aerobics everything but for a short tenure because I  get bored very easily couldn't continue the classes for more than a month. 

In 2007 I was 60 Kgs, when I joined MBA, and passed out after 2 years with good percentages and adding 8 Kgs more  as distinction. I was doing nothing to reduce it, besides cribbing in front of everyone. And very soon it touched 75, which was heights of my laziness.

I knew I am gaining like anything , I am very much aware about calorie and potions , and exercises too. but still I am not doing anything. I joined a gym thereafter paid 12000 for 6 months and got back to 71 Kgs, and left it cos I got bored.

But again it has reached to 73.5 , I weighed today. So  I thought why not I should keep a track of my routine  and share with you all , If I manage to reduce. So here I declare  few things which I am going to follow for a months and will be monitoring myself.

1. Will not be eating sweets, chocolates, choco chips, Ice creams , but I can taste it if I am unable to control my urge.
2. Drinking 3 Big bottles of water every day.
3. Won't skip my breakfast, it makes me eat more in lunch.
4. Will be including fruits in my diet.
5. 30 mins of exercise, daily, in any form. "Burn Calories" 
6. Reduce intake of chicken.

So, I am going to follow this from tomorrow on wards, lets see how I keep myself motivated for this and till how long......hmphhhhhhh.

wish me good luck !!!


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