Sunday, February 3, 2013

Annu Yadav in Hindustan Times Live

 Hey all,

I know I have been into grave all this times. As you start taking your life seriously you just keep getting into it. So This was / is my excuse.

I understand that I haven't got page 3 coverage and on top of that spelling of name is also wrong but still I feel like sharing this one.

Well this time I got featured In Hindustan Times Live (Noida Edition). There's not so popular sector -11 market in Noida where I go almost everyday for dinner. I do this when i am not in a mood to cook (which I don't enjoy either). :)
 Anyhow restaurants  seems pretty affordable to me, you get good food, ample parking space and good quality Non-Veg food. There I got clicked by HT correspondent .

Well after this I think I should roam and explore other eat streets too ;) Wotsay !!

Sharing with you all this pic :)


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