Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gen Y- Chhavi Rajawat

I have been hearing and reading about the generation X during my school days time. The moment i joined my college a new letter came in "Y", at that time it was quite difficult for me to relate X n Y..because the X n Y i know at that time was just the chromosome X and chromosome Y . Credit goes to my favourite subject genetics.

During my MBA days, i got the broad horizon to see.. that was the time when actually this saying about the caterpillar and the butterfly goes true.

recently i came across this article on facebook about a denim clad sarpanch , which made me to click the link....for which m quite happy now ,cos i got to know about a diva


then i got to know about this intelligent lady Chhavi Rajawat, the young sarpanch of village, a lady who belongs to generation Y and is marking her presence in India as well as UN.

An MBA student went back to her roots, her village to which she
belongs to . To solve the problems of her village, to utilize her learnings .

this lady also comes from the army background and stood in the elections and came out as village sarpanch . she is the youth icon of generation Y.

the new generation which is so busy with the freaking parties, with boozing and into themselves only, should take inspiration from these kinds of people.

BUt the gen Y is so high on ego and attitude, why would they consider an icon....all they need to do is, just observe the surroundings and mark the difference, feel the
change and do it..

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