Friday, September 14, 2012

Lazy Bug

when I started this blog (long back), i thought this would be a medium by which I will be able to put my thoughts in front of the people   can express them better here.

seems like i am infected with lazy bug now a days.I have started saying saying "No" to all the question asked to me by my friends. More over i have started putting Bahana.... I just dont want to come out of my comfort zone. I am  simply enjoying this phase of mine. But I feel its the high time I should start visiting Doc (conscience) of mine in order to bring out best of me.

I thought i will be more frequent with my posts. I will post once in a month. :). Though I tried to do that, but this busy schedule, parties, reunions blahh blah.......... kept me away from blogging.
  I just had a look at the dead blog of mine and got shocked that its been really long since i have posted.
so here's a call out  at the blogging world.."hello, I m alive".

Meanwhile  enjoy these quotes 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The reason i am writing this post is because of this pic, which i saw on facebook today!! i won't mind confessing that yess , m getting nostalgic.......
                                                                         Photo session

Its going to be almost 3 years i have been passed out from AIMT, an MBA  institute called as resort by most of us. 

I still remember the very first day when we were all strangers, were looking each other in a much shocked way a if how are we going to survive in this place, which looks like cut out from the civilization.
and then it was the 2 years process which has made us to remember this place. in the beginning groups were forming, and which kept on changing which every passing semester. and so does the trend was noticed in the couple who were so busy in discovering new kopchas.and the photo shoots which was never ending

we use to have parties in every semester, and den the frequency was changed to monthly. we have seen the good seniors who have shown us , what actual this word Senior means. and luckily we also got the chance to prove the same word on our juniors.

In this entire tenure we have made groups. Mine was the Black Gang which later changed to sultanat. and member got their proper designation in the darbar and an unique name too.we had parties on the roof tops.and bunking from the class and coming to sector-18 to watch the morning show and McD's aalo tikki burger.

It was going so smooth that we actually forgot that we have to leave this place very soon, the sultanat will break very soon. and time had come , we passed with good results but sad to say with almost nothing in hands on the name of placements.

If i look at now, most of us are working, doing good in life. whenever i meet any of my MBA friends i feel like saying...placements nahi mili to kya hua??
                       I have made friends, friends for life time!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cascade: Trip To Jim Corbett National Park.

Cascade: Trip To Jim Corbett National Park.: Visited Jim Corbett National park….My company has decided to take us out for company outing and we again went to  JC. The company of people...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Trip To Jim Corbett National Park.

Visited Jim Corbett National park….My company has decided to take us out for company outing and we again went to  JC. The company of people does matter because it was lots of new people with us this time. I missed you all oldies..and this time also we cudn’t see tiger we just saw the foot print of it.

 Go through pictorial review  to see how much  fun I had at Jim Corbett.
                                                     kosi River, near to our ressort

                                                                           Wild Elephant

                                                at Night Party
                                                        River dip Activity

                                                           That's me @ day 3 party

                                                                Group Pic

                                                      On our way  to Jungle Safari
                                                       The Tiger we saw :p

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wots keeping me so busy ????

Well its the December month I did a post...what was the reason that I did not do any post on my blog???

how is it possible that my grey cells were not churning them selves out.
Answers to all this is the FASHION BLOGS..yes as usual I was face booking , and I came across (first fashion blog), a blog dedicated to style, product reviews. It took me 5 days to go through each n every post of hers , her youtube channel. in short raised my interest towards the style.

In order to explore more i landed up onto Fashion Bombay and Fashion Bombay is more colorful and i found it to be more inspired or say inclined towards the mumbai fashion.

As I resides in Delhi , so more fruitful to me was, a true fashionista who mix n matches her wardrobes. has an unique definition for style. she can create N number of looks out of one single piece. she has been a true inspiration to me.

Every day I look forward to her post , like a child looks for lolly pop. this has kept me so busy through out these months (in the office hours also).

keep spreading good works, wish u all luck to,, and ( a bit more )to


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