Monday, March 5, 2012

Trip To Jim Corbett National Park.

Visited Jim Corbett National park….My company has decided to take us out for company outing and we again went to  JC. The company of people does matter because it was lots of new people with us this time. I missed you all oldies..and this time also we cudn’t see tiger we just saw the foot print of it.

 Go through pictorial review  to see how much  fun I had at Jim Corbett.
                                                     kosi River, near to our ressort

                                                                           Wild Elephant

                                                at Night Party
                                                        River dip Activity

                                                           That's me @ day 3 party

                                                                Group Pic

                                                      On our way  to Jungle Safari
                                                       The Tiger we saw :p

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