Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Profile Or MOney ???

Quite a common question , which i think revolves in every fresh graduate's mind.

Things keep on haunting like, where to go for? and what to go for?. A few fresh minds are there who are quite clear about what they have to do and where they have to run for. aah good enough for them.

But what about others, the maximum lot who just gets puzzled up between a good salary and the profile. looking at the real practical world money becomes the sweetheart and there they go. they just start running after the money, go through the work pressure, compromises with their profile.. yes with the profile ... thinking that "not a problem, i will adjust with this profile. if i can manage to qualify my exams without even studying then why not i give a try towards this thing also."

And the story picks up the speed, goes like this only ....compromises and compromises...but till when???.

Then there comes the saturation point where one feels so bugged up with the work pressure, where he is not able to sleep properly, thinking about the future only!!

And the comparison begun..this bugger has got the money , the much demanded package but still happiness is not there. and the friends who have chosen are happy this time. not because of the low salary, because of the work profile which they have got, because of the mental peace which they have got. they are happy :) ...but why not this bugger is happy..because he didn't look at the profile...just because of this only ???

He has ruined his work experience what he has earned till date. back to square ONE........now what to do..if starts with the correct choice , obviously he needs to compensate on the money, because he has to start as a fresher. got no other option left with him.

Just a lil bit of confusion and the improper guidance led him to this route.. argghhh pathetic for him. but still remember......

"BETTER LATE THAN NEVER "...life moves on and teaches u a lot :)

Friday, November 19, 2010


Am I?? no, i am not, am i really??? i still don't think so....

Oh yeah!!!

I really feel this way. People say that you take lot of time in deciding which dress to buy. which color to go for. blah blah blah..what not..

and that resulted into making me realize that m seriously a confused character. but is it so??

I don't think so. most of the females do suffer with this.by calling females i mean the cancer females..confusion is in their blood.

but by calling cancer does really make any difference or justifies the state of confusion. god knows only..why a human go into justification of things which are not necessarily required.

so coming back to the question of confusion..everyone has got a Saviour friend. a different friend who is there to help u in coming out of the color confusion and a separate friend who is there to guide you in professional way also.

Gawd!! why so much of dependency on the friends that too for little things..can a single day will come when i be able to make my own decisions. A day when i will be able to say that" yes i want that blue color dress" and " YES!! this is what I (read loud) wanted to be"

I am just waiting for that day. i wish it should come soon till i don't see cows flying...

Amen.. :)


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