Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life is all about ....??

2 feb 2011,

when i was a kid , my parents told me to be happy that will make my life happy.
when i got an assignment in the school day's. My teacher asked me to write "what will you to do make your life happy". i wrote"feel happy" and she marked me wrong, by saying"you dint understand the question dear." quite shocked she was.

my reply was "sorry, Ma'am, i think you didn't understand the meaning of happiness yet".

the answer which i gave, long time back. now seems to be questionable to me.

Day by day we are growing, moving ahead in life, achieving the luxuries of life(god knows how many succeed nut still struggling hard to win the race of life), every body is jumping into this rat race and wants to wins this stupid race. but god knows how many feels happy in this duration.

people have got so busy in their life, and got focus towards other means of happiness,....and slowly slowly forgetting about their inner happiness.

dude!! this way its not gonna work...never..u got to be happy, feel the within happiness, start enjoying the things you have got, be happy with what you have or what you are...

but who listens to these words??? no one.. every one is busy..busy within themselves. busy in attaining the things which they think will make them happy, but they should understand that they cant be happy after that also.

day will pass, so does the years...
and this human species will be just busy in beating around the bush rather thinking about the rational truth.

i myself don't know, how many times i go through this thought, or give a thought to be "happy".. at least feel happy.

I wrote it down, cos it just raised in my mind. As i will post it , it will get publish. and the no. of times i am going to view this post at least i will get THE ANSWER to the question "how to be happy, and LIFE IS ALL ABOUT ???......



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