Tuesday, September 1, 2009


...ya ya ..people do often say " u know what i feel".."actually I thought"...
what you make out of a thing comes out to be ur perception..

it was just yesterday i passed by SANYO's office, there i saw this plaintain, i just don't know what happen to me ..i took out my cell and clicked this pic. thought "yeah this is the right one pic of the day...i was so happy that i got a nice pic today..and sudden thought came into my mind "i got dis one may be i am so happy today..but trust me that was not the end. It was just the morning hour.

then after lunch i got scolding from my boss, was feeling so low. and as usual i started cursing my profile and everything, which i could have done at that point of time, then again i went by the same corridoor and again stuck at the same plant , and clicked this one.
nothing was clear ...blurred.. i perceived that is this my life ..it can be ..i litteraly compared my life with this blurred pic thought i am also like this ,,,so hazzy my aims are...and u know all kind of negative thoughts started creeping in..

I thought may be i am like this only nothing can change me....me and my blurred picture..and my blurred PERCEPTION....uhh..
and Bingo the last pic of the day .....ya i will put this also ...YES this one ..now what to perceive out of this.....

END of the World ..for me...but should i make such kind of perception...nahhh m not making this...please at least not this time.

i was so shocked to look at it .i mean what kind of snaps i have caught in 3 different moods . that too making perceptions out of that. Ohh..so stupid of me.

why do i percieve wrong things..why doesn't the blue sky came in front of me when i was busy capturing the dead tree.

why people don't understand that SPRING comes after the Winter only.. :):)


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