Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wots keeping me so busy ????

Well its the December month I did a post...what was the reason that I did not do any post on my blog???

how is it possible that my grey cells were not churning them selves out.
Answers to all this is the FASHION BLOGS..yes as usual I was face booking , and I came across (first fashion blog), a blog dedicated to style, product reviews. It took me 5 days to go through each n every post of hers , her youtube channel. in short raised my interest towards the style.

In order to explore more i landed up onto Fashion Bombay and Fashion Bombay is more colorful and i found it to be more inspired or say inclined towards the mumbai fashion.

As I resides in Delhi , so more fruitful to me was, a true fashionista who mix n matches her wardrobes. has an unique definition for style. she can create N number of looks out of one single piece. she has been a true inspiration to me.

Every day I look forward to her post , like a child looks for lolly pop. this has kept me so busy through out these months (in the office hours also).

keep spreading good works, wish u all luck to,, and ( a bit more )to


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