Saturday, April 20, 2013

He was there !

If u might notice there's sudden rise in eve teasing, molestation & rape cases now a days. Has the society turned anti for girls? Why don't they give value & respect to women.

 All of us blame it to the entire "Male" community. Come on , how can you blame entire male community for all this. we can never count our fathers or brother getting involved in this kinda act. Not all men are bad , there is a soldier hidden in them, who will safe guard you in need.

I still remember the year of 2002, I was in my 11th class and was residing in Fort William, Kolkata. I had to go to Alipore which is like few kms away from Fort for my Physics tuition  I never had experienced bus till that time. My mom showed me the Tram  to travel which was safe according to her. 

One evening it got very late after tuition, I was waiting at the tram station but it din't come as there was some technical problem in the line. It was 7 p.m , I was all alone in that dark area , where all I can is bengali , which I don't understand.

Suddenly a bus came I asked a person " will it be going via Fort?",  That duffer said "YES". That was the mistake i did . I boarded into wrong bus. anyways I was familiar with the route. The moment it crossed Fort I starting shouting "Stop, Stop". and within 2 sec I was on dark road with no street light on!.....I had no clue what to do, cos mom never taught me to handle this kinda situation. Suddenly I saw a man coming from behind , I got scared looking at him. He looked at me politely , and said 'Ma'am don't be scared , I am going to Fort , I will accompany you . I simply kept walking alongwith him , maintaing silence & fear. My mind was thinking all the defensive action I can take in case of urgency. 

And I reached Fort safely , my mom was waiting there from long time, looking at her I got my confidence back. I thanked this man, and told my mom the entire episode. She thanked him too. I was thinking inside my heart about this man of valor.He was true soldier for me.

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By Annu Yadav 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

TRESemmé - My Panacea to Ramp Ready Hair, What's yours?

hey you often you crave for a ramp ready hair , can you count it? 3,4,...100 naah!

If you ask me.. everyday I want to have shiny , manageable , ready to go hair. I wish to receive compliments everyday, even on the bad hair day too.
By the way I have thick, dense, voluminous hair , very difficult to manage after shampoo. I have only 2 option (1. straight hair  2. wet look ) of  hairstyle to do on all occasion.
Come'on who doesn't wanna get noticed on this earth..(trust me I do).

Till now my struggle was like this :

My problem came to an end  with TRESemmé , now no need of repeating any of the above shown procedures.
Tresemme Shampoo & Conditioner

 and believe me it works wonders. You got to do only shampoo and conditioner like you do normally , and my hair are manageable and good/smooth for styling without causing damage to my mane.

TRESemmé is going to be high on my buy list.

 I did try all the hairstyles shown in  TRESemmé India Youtube channel.

But this one is my original innovation ;)

 French braid bun
French braid bun- Tresemme Hairstyle

To check  more hairstyle , check TRESemmé India Youtube channel.

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Disclaimer: opinion expressed above are purely mine. This is not a paid review.
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Let's have a cup of coffee !!!

exactly that's what I am going to say to my clients !

I want to see myself as a branding Guru / Marketing Strategist in the coming years. Where I want to offer consultancy services to my clients who are in die need of marketing strategy revamp.

But I will be needing support of 2 of my friends always, Anand & Anjula. Anand possessing a great analytical mind and quick at resolving cases and thus coming onto solutions. Anjula is a true motivator and creative person who will be great to bridge & maintain customer relationship.

Not all things you plan are easy !  so following are going to come:

1. both resides in different cities.
2. co-ordination.
3. update on solutions.

I know , you have to be tech savvy at the end. Gone are the days when business used to happen in thick cobra files.

All these come easy by  microsoft office 365, its a cloud based technology which makes easy to manage & update data and acts as a virtual office. Its a licence based application , so  I am not going to bear extra operational cost!!.

Lync online comes with office 365, which cost $2.00 user/month and is far better than google drive, where we all 3 can store our files , cases and update each other. Can plan a presentation on the spot, make skype calls, and comes with instant messenger.

when it comes to sharing our work with the social platform , we can very well adopt
 sharepoint  " make it and publish it"  while you travel. can very well build an app and can  make our  exciting website.

I know you have to be tech savvy at the end. Gone are the days when business used to happen in thick cobra files.

Get Microsoft office 365 and make more business & professional life much simpler.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Keep Short Goals, You will achieve it faster

Hey All,

As you know one I am sailing in my weight-loss boat, which has just started off from the banks. One thing I learnt that I took 2 years to put this double layer of fat on my body, then how can this love of mine will leave me in 2 days!

You can't think of reducing oogling 10 kgs in 2 days by following some crazy corn flakes or by doing some crash diet. And if also you succeed in doing that , remember it will come back , its just a short term break up. How can you think of moving out of a relationship of 2 years in just 10 days. How can you forget the love of spicy samosa and yummy chocolate truffle , & switch to ugly looking oats.

So , what I have done these days? Holi was on head , I knew that I will be pondering over gujiyas like anything. But back in the mind I had decided to help my mom in household work, 20 mins of cardio in any form, so calories gained = calories lost.

My dinner is kheera & milk these days, and I have also downloaded a zumba Video which I will be practicing soon.

**** I think there is inch loss, I got compliments today ;)


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