Saturday, April 20, 2013

He was there !

If u might notice there's sudden rise in eve teasing, molestation & rape cases now a days. Has the society turned anti for girls? Why don't they give value & respect to women.

 All of us blame it to the entire "Male" community. Come on , how can you blame entire male community for all this. we can never count our fathers or brother getting involved in this kinda act. Not all men are bad , there is a soldier hidden in them, who will safe guard you in need.

I still remember the year of 2002, I was in my 11th class and was residing in Fort William, Kolkata. I had to go to Alipore which is like few kms away from Fort for my Physics tuition  I never had experienced bus till that time. My mom showed me the Tram  to travel which was safe according to her. 

One evening it got very late after tuition, I was waiting at the tram station but it din't come as there was some technical problem in the line. It was 7 p.m , I was all alone in that dark area , where all I can is bengali , which I don't understand.

Suddenly a bus came I asked a person " will it be going via Fort?",  That duffer said "YES". That was the mistake i did . I boarded into wrong bus. anyways I was familiar with the route. The moment it crossed Fort I starting shouting "Stop, Stop". and within 2 sec I was on dark road with no street light on!.....I had no clue what to do, cos mom never taught me to handle this kinda situation. Suddenly I saw a man coming from behind , I got scared looking at him. He looked at me politely , and said 'Ma'am don't be scared , I am going to Fort , I will accompany you . I simply kept walking alongwith him , maintaing silence & fear. My mind was thinking all the defensive action I can take in case of urgency. 

And I reached Fort safely , my mom was waiting there from long time, looking at her I got my confidence back. I thanked this man, and told my mom the entire episode. She thanked him too. I was thinking inside my heart about this man of valor.He was true soldier for me.

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By Annu Yadav 

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