Friday, March 15, 2013

Develop weapon "NO"

 Day -2,

Its implementation time today. One thing is sure that u have to control your urge. You got to develop a power to say "NO"  to things which you loved most. In my case I should better break up my sweet tooth. I simply couldn't resist them but I reduced my portion , in spite of  having 1 full scoop of ice cream I just tasted it.

I had my normal food, included oats in breakfast. Counting on extras, I had 1.5  bread pakora, 2 pieces of sweet. To remove these extras out of my life I should better start on developing a weapon named "NO".

Coming to exercise : I walked for 30 mins in park, 8 suryanamskar, leg raise ( 15x3).

I think it should be enough to burn today's gained calories.

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