Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Keep Short Goals, You will achieve it faster

Hey All,

As you know one I am sailing in my weight-loss boat, which has just started off from the banks. One thing I learnt that I took 2 years to put this double layer of fat on my body, then how can this love of mine will leave me in 2 days!

You can't think of reducing oogling 10 kgs in 2 days by following some crazy corn flakes or by doing some crash diet. And if also you succeed in doing that , remember it will come back , its just a short term break up. How can you think of moving out of a relationship of 2 years in just 10 days. How can you forget the love of spicy samosa and yummy chocolate truffle , & switch to ugly looking oats.

So , what I have done these days? Holi was on head , I knew that I will be pondering over gujiyas like anything. But back in the mind I had decided to help my mom in household work, 20 mins of cardio in any form, so calories gained = calories lost.

My dinner is kheera & milk these days, and I have also downloaded a zumba Video which I will be practicing soon.

**** I think there is inch loss, I got compliments today ;)



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