Sunday, March 17, 2013

Park – The whimsical World!!

Day 4

I got into Park, thinking that I will find more health conscious people here. I don’t know why wots wrong with the world, that most of the times my views turned out wrong. I can divide the whole lot into categories:

Dog –Lovers:  you will be surprised to see people taking their dog to park to poop, may be!  Pet run ahead of them as if they have been coach to their masters.

Brand Queen: Hot and sexy Girls top to bottom wearing Puma, Addidas gym gear including headband, wristband etc. Now the question is are they really coming to park to reduce or to get fit or to simply show off to the Park-Romeos.

Saas-Bahu Serials:  2-3 ladies gang, slowly walking together bitching about some TV actress/serials, or of their own bahu or saas. They are the worst, because they just block the track!! Go away ladies, I beg you.

Old age: Old minds together discussing about politics and they keep on arguing till it gets dark. In short, “no conclusion talks”.

 Health Freak:  Yay!! I fall into this ;). They will just compete with you silently, trying to finish before you. One more symptom of them is, they are visible in park only for 5 days, till the JOSH is high.


  1. Exactly what goes through me everyday at the park! Keep the Josh going,

  2. Enjoyed reading the post! Came via indiblogger as I noticed we share the same name. But will stay around, yours is a very interesting blog!

  3. @Gururaj- haha we sail in the same boat

    @Anuradha - Thanks for dropping by! will check yours too



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