Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Weight loss Diary

    Guilt Zone - Day 1

I have been always dreaming of lean figure, sexy shoulders through out my life , so that I can carry  sleeveless tops, vests in summers. I joined gym , swimming, aerobics everything but for a short tenure because I  get bored very easily couldn't continue the classes for more than a month. 

In 2007 I was 60 Kgs, when I joined MBA, and passed out after 2 years with good percentages and adding 8 Kgs more  as distinction. I was doing nothing to reduce it, besides cribbing in front of everyone. And very soon it touched 75, which was heights of my laziness.

I knew I am gaining like anything , I am very much aware about calorie and potions , and exercises too. but still I am not doing anything. I joined a gym thereafter paid 12000 for 6 months and got back to 71 Kgs, and left it cos I got bored.

But again it has reached to 73.5 , I weighed today. So  I thought why not I should keep a track of my routine  and share with you all , If I manage to reduce. So here I declare  few things which I am going to follow for a months and will be monitoring myself.

1. Will not be eating sweets, chocolates, choco chips, Ice creams , but I can taste it if I am unable to control my urge.
2. Drinking 3 Big bottles of water every day.
3. Won't skip my breakfast, it makes me eat more in lunch.
4. Will be including fruits in my diet.
5. 30 mins of exercise, daily, in any form. "Burn Calories" 
6. Reduce intake of chicken.

So, I am going to follow this from tomorrow on wards, lets see how I keep myself motivated for this and till how long......hmphhhhhhh.

wish me good luck !!!


  1. I know the feeling. Joining the gym...losing weight...losing motivation. And one fine day, back to where you were!

    Keep posting your daily goals and achievements...I might take some inspiration as well!

    1. hey thanks, will surely post the results and ongoing journey

  2. Hey.keep your determination going, I know its tough but not wishes



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